The Importance of Tiger Eye and Its Impact on the Manipura Chakra

The tiger eye is a beautiful gemstone that can be found in many shades of brown and gold. It has been worn throughout the centuries for its protective properties, as well as healing. The tiger eye is said to have an impact on the Manipura chakra, which lies at the navel and represents our energies or life force. This will help us become more grounded and balanced.

What is the Manipura Chakra?

The Manipura chakra is also known as the third or navel chakra and it lies at waist level. It represents our energies, which can be depleted throughout life's many demands. This chakra is responsible for our survival and defense mechanisms, as well as our self-esteem. The energy of this chakra is orange in color and it's symbol is the wheel or lotus flower.

You can open your Manipura chakra by connecting with nature, by spending time in the sun or moonlight and especially through meditation. You can also open your Manipura chakra by exercising regularly.

What is Tiger Eye?

Tiger Eye is a gemstone that has a natural golden-brown hue with black strips. It is found in places like India, Brazil, and the United States.

Tiger Eye gets its name from its appearance which resembles that of an eye. The gem also takes on different meanings depending on who you ask--some cultures believe it symbolizes courage while others see it as a symbol of good luck.

This stone is formed when a mass of sand, ash and ironstone is heated. As the mixture cools down, the sand falls to the bottom while the ash remains suspended.

The pattern formed by these two materials is what gives Tiger Eye its unique appearance and properties.

What are the metaphysical properties of Tiger Eye?

Tiger Eye is known for its ability to provide clarity of vision, making it an excellent stone for students or anyone who is interested in a more rational approach to life. It can also stimulate the mental body and release creative energy while bringing needed balance into one’s emotional state.

It is said that tiger eye brings psychic protection against negative energies by transmuting any negativity they may contain into pure love.

In general, Tiger Eye is a stone of willpower and courage that provides encouragement to take the necessary steps in life for one’s self-healing. It can also help you overcome a sense of victimization by reminding oneself how much potential there really is for success when hard work and responsible action are put forth.

Tiger Eye impacts the Manipura Chakra by stirring up mental energy, bringing clarity of thought and emotional balance.

You can access the power of Tiger Eye by keeping the stone in your home, carrying it with you, or wearing it on jewelry. Our Gemstone Chakra Bracelet features Tiger Eye to help you activate your Manipura Chakra.