The Importance of Amethyst & Its Influence on the Crown Chakra


Amethyst has for centuries been one of the most popular gemstones around and for very good reason, as this quartz stone with a lavender hue is simply packed with beneficial energies. It’s a stone that is often cut into smaller pieces and used in jewelry that allows people to keep the stone close by at all times. 


As the birthstone of those born in the month of February, amethyst can be found in a range of different shades from indigo to orchid and interestingly, it’s one that gets its name from the Greek word ‘Amethy’, which actually means unintoxicated or clear, indicating what it does for the mind. 


Amethyst has also been a very prominent stone in high society over the years, with the Russian and British Royal families often featuring amethyst pieces in their valued collections. It’s a stone that has a big influence on the Crown Chakra (also referred to as the Sahasrara Chakra) that’s located on the top of the head and deals with spiritual connection and transformation. 


The Effect the Stone Has On the Crown Chakra


The stone is referred to as the ‘Air’ element and it’s one that offers positivity and calmness to the person wearing it. Amethyst can be really helpful in aiding people in concentration and focus, as it’s known for clearing the mind and helping you to clear those mental blockages that get in the way of your inner peace and contentment. 


A popular way to enjoy its benefits daily is with a chakra bracelet, which also has the added benefit of looking really beautiful. The stone happens to be the same colour as the crown chakra, which is said to represent the connection between us all and the divine, with those that achieve balance being connected to their inner wisdom and consciousness.


Amethyst helps to open this chakra up, which allows you to connect to your higher self and achieve your true potential. The crown is such an important part of the body too, as aligning your crown chakra permits you to centre yourself and feel calmness whenever life makes you feel isolated, depressed or otherwise emotionally challenged.


Get Your Own Piece of Serenity and Balance


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