The importance of Imperial Jasper and its influence on the Anahata Chakra

The Imperial Jasper is a type of jasper that has been well-known for centuries. Its range of colors and patterns can be found in many places. Many people are unaware of how this stone influences the Anahata chakra, which may have implications on emotional health as well as spiritual development.

This blog post will explore how Imperial Jasper can affect one's mental state and spirituality with regards to their Anahata chakra!

What is the Anahata Chakra?

The Anahata Chakra, also known as the Heart Chakra, is the fourth chakra in a seven-chakra system. The Anahata Chakra is also often known as the "heart of pure love" and it's located in the center of the chest, hence its name!

The Heart Chakra influences not only our emotional well being but spiritual development too. When this chakra is open, we will be able to express love and compassion without fear. This chakra also influences our ability to be deeply loved by another person, as well as ourselves.

The Heart Chakra may influence how we feel about the world around us too, so it's important that this stone is worn with a clear mind in order for its healing properties to take effect!

What is Imperial Jasper?

Imperial Jasper is a type of jasper with a variety of colors and patterns, all which have their own unique properties! For example, Imperial Jasper has been known to be associated with protection from worry or guilt.

This stone is said to have been used for centuries among many cultures because it has healing properties! Imperial Jasper can help with emotional health through its influence on the Anahata Chakra by promoting feelings of composure and balance.

This stone can also help with spiritual development by connecting to the highest self, divine light, or God! It is said that this connection helps promote a positive outlook on life as well as acceptance of oneself. This all ties back into how Imperial Jasper affects our Anahata Chakra because when we are able to accept ourselves and be at peace, we will feel more in touch with our higher self.

Imperial Jasper is formed when the earth's tectonic plates move and the molten rock is subjected to high pressure. This process can take hundreds of thousands of years! The molten rock undergoes a process called metamorphism, which alters the rock in various ways. The most common type of Imperial Jasper is known as "jasper onyx," and it has been found all around the world!

What are the metaphysical properties of Imperial Jasper?

Imperial Jasper is a grounding stone that brings stability and balance to an individual. It provides the ability for one’s will power to assert itself, enabling them to progress through challenges in their life with increased clarity of mind. The stone helps remove negative energy from other stones it comes into contact with too. All jaspers are healing stones, but imperial jasper is one of the few that has been shown to help with emotional balance and mental clarity.

It helps relieve stress by calming physical tension as well as psychic or spiritual turmoil. It's also a stone for grounding oneself in reality due to its stabilizing properties when working with the higher chakras.


You can incorporate Imperial Jasper in your life by placing stones in your home, carrying the stone with you, or wearing it on a piece of jewelry. Our Lava Stone Chakra Bracelet features 7 different gemstones that represent the 7 chakras, including Imperial Jasper which opens your heart chakra.